Jeremy (M6) Williams

M6’s interest in electronic music dates back to 1995 and shortly after began producing in 1998. After a decade of work he saw his first release in 2008 on Si Begg’s Noodles Recordings label and his remix of the track “16 Lover” was featured on “Jetlag and Tinnitus reworks 5.” His first release on Badman Press was a remix of DZ's “Shake that Ass” that was released as a free EP, followed by the final track on the massive 37-track compilation “Various Badman II.” M6 follow up release in 2011 on Thrill’s Sub Philo label was a remix of “Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror – Bang Your Head On This”. In 2012 M6 was the first artist to be added to the Bassbin Records roster and began work with Bassbin Twins on numerous forthcoming releases. M6’s first release on Bassbin Records was his “Racked Cans EP” a three track release feature a remix by Bassbin Twins. M6 has since teamed up with Hindzy D’s label Dubinjektion. The track Blue Rocks was featured on part 5 of the Back to the Future series.



The driving force behind M6 tracks and remixes is clever percussion with plenty of low end. M6 has remixed artists such as Si Begg and Bassbin Twins.


Avid gamer who enjoys first person shooters and games such as Castlevania and SimCity Buildit.